ISLAMABAD, Oct 25 (APP):Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan on Sunday inaugurated gas supply schemes for three more villages of Thattha Khel Taxila including Dhok Durab, Pannu and Basera.

Member National Assembly Mansoor Hayat Khan and Member Punjab Assembly Ammar Sidduque Khan were also present on the occasion.

Addressing a public meeting in Thattha Khel Taxila, Rawalpindi, the minister said the provision of gas to these villages was the part of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government’s ongoing projects.

By providing the gas facility to the villages, he said, the government fulfilled another promise it made during the election campaign-2018, assuring that all towns of the area would be gasified at the earliest.

“Our government believes in practical politics and serving the public, instead of hollow slogans. I consider myself duty-bound to fulfill all outstanding demands of the people of the area” Sarwar, who has been doing active politics in this constituency for the last 27 years, said.

He said the PTI government was making all-out efforts to steer out the poor from backwardness and lead them towards lasting prosperity.

Ghulam Sarwar expressed confidence that the country would progress under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, describing him [PM Imran] the “only guarantor” of national development and protector of the public rights as he never followed personal interests.

The minister said the government had no threat from the agenda of the opposition parties’ alliance, adding their leaders only made personal assets by looting the public wealth, setting aside all national interests.

Ghulam Sarwar said founders of Muslim League had sacrificed everything for the cause of Pakistan, but unfortunately Nawaz Sharif, who remained prime minister thrice, did the opposite.

Later talking to the media, the Aviation Minister said last year the government made no hurdle in the protest of the opposition parties they staged at the Kashmir Highway Islamabad.

While contrary to this when PTI was in opposition, he said, its public meetings and rallies were baton-charged and subjected to firing and teargas, which resulted in some casualties of the party workers. But, the PTI never talked about national interests, he added.

Answering a question, he said, Nawaz Sharif should have avoided giving anti-Pakistan statements and assured that law would take its course and he would be brought to task.

He said the Prime Minister, in his recent interview, had categorically stated that Nawaz Sharif would be brought back from London at any cost.

After the PPP and PML-N destroyed all state institutions and national economy during their tenures; he said the PTI government was facing the real challenges of inflation, unemployment and conspiracies of India and its supporters against Pakistan.