Rs 434.43 mln incurred on Imran Khan’s air travel from PM House to Bani Gala

ISLAMABAD, Jan 13 (APP): State Minister for Law and Justice Shahadat Awan on Friday said that Rs 434.43 million were spent on former prime minister Imran Khan’s back-and-forth travel from the Prime Minister House to his private residence in Bani Gala via helicopter during his time in office from 2019 to March 2022.

Replying to the question of Senator Behramand Khan Tangi, the minister shared the breakdown of the helicopter expenses incurred by Imran Khan.

The helicopter was used for a total of 1,579.8 flying hours in four years with an average cost of Rs 275,000 per hour, the breakdown showed.
According to the detailed breakdown of expenses,
Total flying hours and expenditure during flight per year:
2019: 479.8 hours at a cost of Rs131.94m
2020: 522.0 hours at a cost of Rs143.55m
2021: 450.2 hours at a cost of Rs123.8m
Jan-Mar 2022: 127.8 hours at a cost of Rs 35.14m