ISLAMABAD, Jan 18 (APP):The birth anniversary celebration of Romanian national poet Mihai Eminescu held Friday at the embassy of Romania here to honor his work in literature and poetry.

The event was organized by the Pakistan-Romania Friendship Association (PRFA) in the connection of Romania’s regional culture day celebration earlier this week.

Speaking at the occasion Ambassador of Romania Nicolae Goia said it is a great honor for us to celebrate our national poet birth anniversary and Romanian‘s regional cultural day with Pakistani people as an important celebration.

He said every year, Romanian culture day is celebrated on January 15th, honoring the birth of Mihai Eminescu, Romanians and Moldavians’ national poet.

Ambassador said that Eminesu’s work was indebted to the romanticism of western European poetry but placed an emphasis on his own national allegiances.

He said Mihai stood firmly against any kind of oppression and promoted heroically the aspiration of Romanian people for liberty, freedom and independence.

Ambassador Goia said Eminescu was an overwhelming personality that impressed contemporaries through intelligence, memory and intellectual curiosity.

Romanian ambassador also signed the constitution of the association presented by chairman and vice president of Pakistan-Romania Friendship Association (PRFA).

Later, the ambassador and executive members along with the media paid visit to the monument jointly dedicated to Eminescu and Pakista’s national poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal which was erected on Jinnah Avenue Islamabad on 15 January 2004.