Ride services resolve commuters' issues, mitigate unemployment: Amin ul Haque
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ISLAMABAD, Sep 30 (APP): Minister for Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunication Syed Aminul Haque Wednesday said the federal government was taking multiple initiatives to bridge digital divide in the country.

“Digital technology is vital for development in the country and better public and customer service must always be given priority,” the minister said while addressing an event of private ride hailing service, here.

The minister said the ride hailing services had not only resolved the commuters’ issues but also mitigated unemployment in the country.

The IT Ministry, he said, was supporting initiatives of public interest under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Digital Pakistan vision.

The ministry had taken many steps to provide uninterrupted broadband services throughout the country, he said, while stressing the cellular mobile companies to work together for the welfare of people.

Chief Executive Officer of Bykea Muneeb Maayr said his company was capitalizing on the existing networks of bikes on the roads instead of adding more.

“We can ensure profit maximization for both the riders and the company if we structure ourselves as a marketplace running on a network of motor bikes,” he said.

“At initial stage we are providing our services in three major cities – Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore and want to expand the network to more cities,” he added.
Muneeb said his company had planned to invest significantly in its platform strategy leveraging its peak active driver fleet over 30,000 in 2020 for cross utilization in e-commerce, logistics and payment services in 2021.

The fresh capital’s injection would also help expand ‘Bykea’ market reach in smaller cities where international players had struggled to grow their English language platforms in a country where no more than 10 percent comprehend that language, he added.

“Pakistan is prime to experience extremely strong growth in internet services over the next decade, with the rapidly increasing middle class.

This growth provides the immense opportunity for companies like Bykea that are transforming big societal needs like transportation, logistics and payments through a technology enabled platform,” said Chief Investment Officer Fahad Baig.