APP33-06 LAHORE: January 06 - Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique addressing press conference. APP

LAHORE, Jan 6 (APP): Pakistan Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique
has said that responsibles of Lodhran accident will not be spared after comprehensive inquiry and initial inquiry report of the accident is expected within 24 hours.
However, both drivers of the train and gate keeper have been arrested
and investigation team has reached at the spot, he added.
He was addressing a press conference about Lodhran accident at Railways Headquarters here on Friday.
The minister said that there could be several reasons of the accident
like human negligence, dense fog, technical fault or some others, adding that no one could be held responsible till the completion of the inquiry.
He said that railway gate was not closed and the signal was up so the train should have not passed the level crossing in such situation adding that first rickshaw was hit by the train while the second one itself smashed into the running train.
“There are so many questions but we all should wait for the initial investigation report,” he said.
The minister expressed deep sorrow over the incident and extended his
sympathy to the bereaved families.
He added that the management was working hard to improve signal system.