Replay of 90s politics against Charter of Democracy: Qureshi

ISLAMABAD, Mar 18 (APP: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Friday said the Opposition was repeating the politics of the 90s which was against the spirit of the Charter of Democracy.

“The Charter of Democracy was put forth against such form of politics. Whatever is happening in Sindh House is in contradiction to the charter’s philosophy,” he said in a statement in view of the current political situation in the country.

Qureshi said elected representatives were bound to make decisions according to their conscience, however, stressed that they must keep in view the aspirations and expectations of the people of their constituencies.

“The parliament should not be harmed by its own custodians,” he said.

Qureshi said the situation in Afghanistan, the tension in Ukraine, and the rising oil prices would put a further burden on the economy.

“Those who are creating uncertainty in the country for the greed of power should reconsider their decision,” he said.

On the upcoming 48th meeting of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers, he said Pakistan had achieved two major successes in the Niamey meeting including the convening of the next session in Islamabad and the adoption of a unanimous resolution against Islamophobia.

He mentioned that the resolution on Islamophobia tabled by Pakistan was passed by the United Nations General Assembly, which was a major milestone.

The foreign minister said India had not yet responded satisfactorily to the alleged “accidental missile fire”.