Renowned actress Roohi Bano passes away on Friday

ISLAMABAD, Jan 25 (APP):The renowned and extremely talented actress of Pakistan Roohi Bano passed away on Friday.Roohi Bano, 67,was admitted in the Istanbul hospital Turkey on January 3, 2019, where she
was on the ventilator for last ten days.She had received many awards for her remarkable performances in different projects.She became a schizophrenic patient after losing her son who was killed allegedly by his friends in 2005. She spent most of her life in isolation or in a shelter home.
She was the daughter of famous table nawaz Ustad Allah Rakha, well known artist in the Pakistan entertainment world.

The legendary TV / Film actor was one of the well known artists in 1970’s and 1980.She showed her unmatchable acting skills in Darwaza, Hairat Kadda,Kiran Kahani and Zard Gulab.