Religious harmony promoted by Ulema Board: Ashrafi

Religious harmony promoted by Ulema Board: Ashrafi
Religious harmony promoted by Ulema Board: Ashrafi

LAHORE, Jan 27 (APP): The Muttahida Ulema Board Punjab has taken effective measures to promote religious harmony and brotherhood in the country during the last three years.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Religious Harmony Allama Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi
expressed these views in a press conference held here on Thursday and informed the media about
three years performance of the board.

Tahir Ashrafi said the board promoted harmony among all sects and it also took solid steps to end
extremism. ” An ideal atmosphere of peace, brotherhood and harmony had been seen during
months of Muharram and Eid Milad,” he added.

He said law and order besides peace prevailed in the country which showed an exemplary environment
of tolerance and brotherhood.
Appreciating the security agencies, he said the support of law enforcement and national security
agencies had also been excellent.

He said the board held 39 meetings and took great decisions regarding harmony, peace
and brotherhood in the society.
Regarding the curriculum, he said so far 326 books had been passed by members of the Muttahida Ulema
Board and not a single word was found in these books regarding extremism or sectarian hatred.

He said now no one could imagine the misuse of blasphemy laws, adding that Sri Lankan Ulema Board also appreciated the role of Mutthida Ulema Board Pakistan regarding the incident of a Sri Lankan citizen
in Sialkot. Ashrafi said it was a tragic incident and the whole nation unanimously condemned it which
sent a message to the international community that there was no room for extremism
in the country.