Razina advises students for following Islamic ethics

– Chairperson National Commission on Human Development (NCHD) Senator Rozina Alam Khan

ISLAMABAD, Jul 10 (APP):Chairperson National
Commission for Human Development (NCHD) and Senior
members of executive council of Nazria Pakistan Trust, Razina
Alam Khan Monday advised the students to follow Islamic
ethics and social values for developing better society.
Delivering a lecture on ” Ethical Values and Social
Norms” in a summer camp here she said,”Today we need to
follow Islamic, cultural and social values in its true spirit for
good character building and developing better society, as it is
noticed, we are forgetting the teaching of Islam which devalues
our norms and society.”
Around 55 male and female students from Rawalpindi,
Islamabad are participating in 15 days summer camp arranged
by the Nazria e Pakistan Trust.
She advised the organizer of summer camp for focusing
on building good character, Nazria Pakistan and how
difficulties are being faced for independence of Pakistan.
Razina Alam said young generation was the future of Pakistan
and urged them to play their role for the development, progress
and prosperity of the country.
She advised students to respect the parents, teachers and
relatives as Islam gave great values in serving human.
She urged students to compete in good conduct, adopt
spirit of sacrifices and contribute well being of others.
She urged the students to always follow honesty, truth
and good ethic values.
She quoting the last messenger of Islam Hazarat
Muhammad (PBUH) said “best among you are those who
have good ethical values.”
She said that people were best in the
society who were caring and thinking good for others.
She said that there was no harm in getting western
education but it should not be at the cost of Islamic ethics and
social values.
The NCHD chairman asked the students to feel proud
being a Pakistani and followed Islamic values.
She said, “We have best family system, western people
admire this system and we are required to promote this