Rana Sanaullah hails Iraqi government to facilitate Pakistani pilgrims

Rana Sanaullah

ISLAMABAD, Aug 09 (APP): Interior Minister Rana Sannaullah on Wednesday appreciated the Government of Iraq for making special arrangements for Pakistani visitors to holy places.

The minister during his recent visit to Iraq, had requested the government for special arrangements for the pilgrims who face difficulties visiting holy places in Iraq, a news release said.

The government of Iraq on his request increased the quota of pilgrims up to one hundred thousand and issuance of 30 days free visa to the pilgrims. Earlier the pilgrims were given 15 days paid visa.

Pakistani pilgrims would be allowed to enter Iraq through Baghdad and Al-Najaf Airports and Al-Saib port through while the government of Iraq uplifts the restriction of entry and exit from one airport.

Both the government decided to take stern action against the tour operators charging extra fees from pilgrims whereas both countries will regulate the tourism companies to ensure better provision of facilities to the visitors.

Pakistan’s embassy in Iraq will make arrangements to control the issue of overstaying at the end of the visa whereas Pakistani investors would be issued electronic visas.

The minister thanked the government of Iraq for the special arrangement on his request and said that such steps would strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries.

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