Raised oil prices with heavy heart; Rs28b package to provide relief: PM

LAHORE, May 28 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Saturday said that the incumbent government had increased the petroleum prices with a heavy heart.

The prime minister, talking to the media after he appeared before a special court here, said under a package he announced on Friday night, the government had allocated Rs 28 billion a month to provide relief to the inflation-hit people.

He said under the package, Rs 2,000 each would be disbursed among the 125 million entitled families as subsidy on petrol.

He told media that the inflation had adversely impacted the masses, making the poor people suffer.

The prime minister told the media that the people even could not afford one-time meal, medical treatment, besides having no businesses or jobs.

He said the country was witnessing skyrocketing inflation.

To another question regarding the Yaum-e-Takbir being observed on the day to commemorate the nuclear tests of May 28, 1998, the prime minister said that the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took a bold stance, refusing to bow before the foreign pressure and rejecting $5 billion offer, for sake of the country’s interests.