Quaid changed course of history by creating Pakistan: Raja Zafar

ISLAMABAD, Dec 25 (APP): Leader of the House in Senate Raja
Zafarul Haq on Sunday said that Quaid i Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
had changed the course of history and created Pakistan after a persistent struggle.
The people, who were even opposed to the Quaid i Azam had to acknowledge his efforts and abilities, he added.
He was addressing a gathering in connection with the birthday celebrations of the Quaid i Azam and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, and Christmas organized here by Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC).
Raja Zafarul Haq said Pakistan’s creation was a major achievement of the Quaid i Azam as Muslims of the Sub continent got a separate country to live according to their religion and faith.
He said the best tribute to the Father of the Nation was to dedicate all capabilities for national development while adhering to his teachings and thoughts.
Jinnah’s opponents also admitted that he was a true leader, who never compromised on his principles, he added.
He called for steps to prepare the nation, particularly the new generation, to take the country to new levels of progress and prosperity while following the guiding principles of the Quaid.
He said it was need of the hour for the nation to renew constructive efforts by learning from Quaid’s life and adhering to his teachings and making them a source of spiritual strength.
He said by following the Quaid’s thoughts, the nation could achieve the goal of the country’s development as the forefathers did by achieving the motherland.
He said Nawaz Sharif was following in the footsteps of the Quaidin order to make the country more strong and prosperous.