Qasim Suri inaugurates PIA’s flight operation from Quetta to Dubai

Political parties, govt on same page for resolution of Kashmir: Suri
Political parties, govt on same page for resolution of Kashmir: Suri

QUETTA, Jan 03 (APP): Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri on Monday inaugurated direct flight operation of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) from Quetta to Dubai.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, he said that the federal government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan was paying special attention on development of the province which was ignored in past regime.

He said that the flight operation from Quetta to Dubai was a long standing demand of the people while the launch of the flight operation to Dubai was a fulfillment of the government’s promises saying that efforts were underway to provide all basic facilities to people of Balochistan in order to remove backwardness of the areas.

The Deputy Speaker said people of Balochistan had to go to Karachi first for Dubai flight but PIA was proving airlines traveling facilities to people of the province from Quetta Airport to Dubai in order to decrease difficulties of public.

He said PIA had played important role during the pandemic coronavirus and the greatness of PIA would be gradually restored saying that the PIA is the identity and pride of Pakistan.

We are very happy to inaugurate the direct service of flight from Quetta to Dubai which was a prolong demand of people of Balochistan, he said.

He said Corona had affected all sectors including the PIA services and it has improved the system while flight now run on its schedule time which was commendable efforts.

“People are thanking us due to the good performance of PIA and positive measures by government”, he said new runway under construction at Quetta Airport for larger ships.