Qadri urges international community to understand Palestinians’ rights

ISLAMABAD, Jun 2 (APP):Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sahibzada Noor-ul-Haq Qadri on Wednesday urged the international community to support Palestinians’ for their just right of getting back their home land.

They also stressed forging unity for achieving the cause of brotherly nation Palestine.

Addressing an international webinar held to highlight human rights violations in Palestine at the hands of Israeli forces, he specified that Pakistan has used all the means to draw attention of UN to the issue of Palestine.

“We should be united to stand with Kashmir and Palestine to prevent the war and to maintain the peace in the world”, he said.

The webinar was jointly organized by International Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), Youth Alliance for Human Rights (YAHR) and The Daysping as outreach partner in Pakistan. The ministerial session was moderated by Fsahat-ul-Hassan Board Member of ICYF, said a news release.

The minister said the human rights violations in Palestine was not an issue to be condemned only by Muslims but it is an issue of entire humanity and everyone including youth must speak against Israel’s barbarism.

He said the forceful and illicit acts of Israelis on the people of Palestine were condemnable. He emphasized that international community must understand that Palestinians have the right to be given back their land and they all must be united to stand for the cause of the brotherly nation.

Jibril Rajoub, President of Higher Council of Youth and Sports of Palestine expressed his concern for the people of Palestine. He condemned the inhumane treatment of the racist police of Israel which was aimed at suppressing Palestinian people. He urged the need to take collective measures for Palestine issue.

Taha Ayhan (President ICYF), extended his support and concern to Palestine and especially to the Palestinian youth. He said there was a dire need of strategic solutions to help the people of Palestine to bring back peace and harmony.

He further demanded public support especially for the youth of Palestine, children and women to provide with opportunities and build up their capacities.

Zahid Ahsan Russel, Minister of Youth and Sports of Bangladesh, asked for sustainable solutions for the people of Palestine to regain peace and harmony.

He said the international and global communities should come up with durable and sustainable solutions and opportunities to bring ease to the people of Palestine.

Mehmet Kasapoglu, Minister of Youth and Sports of Turkey, Faysal Karame , Member of the Lebanese Parliament and Former Minister of Youth and Sports and Ahmet Buyukgumus, Board Member of ICYF representing International Institutions also highlighted the atrocities of Israeli forces on the people of Palestine.

The webinar was attended by ministers and government officials of Palestine, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Lebanon condemn the barbarism of Israeli forces on innocent Palestinians specially children and women.