Governor greets Iftikhar Malik for landslide victory in LCCI election
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LAHORE, Jan 24 (APP):Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar Thursday said that all the public representatives, including prime minister, were answerable to the masses.
Talking to Provincial Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bakht during a meeting here at the Governor House, he said the prime minister, chief ministers, provincial governors and cabinet ministers were all accountable to voters, adding that the government would ensure supremacy of merit in all the government institutions.

The governor said the government would transfer powers at the grassroots level instead of promoting centralisation of powers, adding, the local government institutions would be empowered. He said 30 per cent of the government budget would be allocated for the village councils.
He said economic reforms package of the federal government was the beginning of an era for economic progress of the country, adding that the government would provide relief to the common man.
Sarwar said the government would utilise all resources to provide relief to the masses.
He said provision of health and basic education facilities to the masses was the top priority of the government.
He said 220 million children were out of schools and working in different factories, shops and other business centres, adding that the government would bring them back to schools so that they could get education and play the role in progress of the country.
The governor said tangible steps would be taken for the provision of clean drinking water to the public. He hailed the provincial government for launching different projects to provide employment opportunities to the youth and public.
He said the government would fulfill all its promises. The governor said police reforms would be introduced in Punjab, adding that Punjab Police would be made an independent force which would work without any political pressure.
He said the government would ensure supremacy of merit in all institutions and no lapse will be tolerated.