PTI’s call for protest to flop like its May 25 Azadi March: Senator Rubina Khalid

PESHAWAR, Jun 19 (APP): PPP Senator Rubina Khalid on Sunday said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) call for protest against inflation will meet the same fate its May 25 ‘Azadi March’ had met.

Talking to media, she said Imran Khan’s government was responsible for the current energy crisis in the country and the rise in prices of petroleum products. The former government had mortgaged the country to the IMF, the consequences of which people face today in the form of inflation, she added.

the senator said Imran Khan deliberately delayed withdrawal of petroleum and electricity subsidies and left ‘economic mines’ for the present government. “Apart from the economic quagmire in the country, the PTI chairman is responsible for the rise in prices of petroleum products and prolonged power outages.”

Protests were being staged to cover up their failures, Senator Rubina said, adding, “Today, the entire nation is paying a heavy price for the poor policies and agreements of the Imran Khan government.”