ISLAMABAD, May 15 (APP):With the efforts of Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training for bringing uniform education system across the country, the four provinces have shown conditional willingness over the preparation of uniform educational curriculum.

Talking to APP, official sources Wednesday said the provinces had shown conditional willingness, demanding the implementation of uniform compulsory subjects in the countrywide public and private sector schools.

An important consultation meeting would also be held after Eidul Fitr under the ministry of federal education, in which the decisions regarding implementation of uniform education system would be taken, they added.

Meanwhile, a committee, established under the education ministry to achieve the task, had recently presented the recommendations to the ministry, the sources revealed.

They said in the recommendations, the committee suggested similar compulsory subjects for the public-private sector schools.

It is worth mentioning here that after 18th constitutional
amendment, the federation had to face many difficulties regarding implementation of uniform education system.

The previous government had established National Curriculum Council and Inter Provincial Education Minister’s Conference and despite holding many meetings of these, the consensus could not be evolved.

The Sindh province always remains reluctant to attend this conference but now the present government achieved a great milestone while bringing the four provinces on the same page.

The sources said further developments was expected into this matter by next months.