President stresses upon projecting true image of Islam

President stresses upon projecting true image of Islam

ISLAMABAD, May 28 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain
Saturday called upon the thinkers, researchers, teachers and
students to play their due role in highlighting the true image
of Islam by effectively countering a negative impression
created by certain elements.

The President observed that extremist thoughts and
terrorism had ached the humanity manifold and the specter of such curse had also dreaded the whole world.

Addressing 10th Convocation of the International Islamic
University Islamabad, the President said being followers
of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), there was a need to
inculcate and project the image of Islam in its true

He stressed upon the Ummah to shun the petty differences
and strive hard for the peace and safety of the whole world.
The President noted that under such prevailing circumstances, the role of thinkers, teachers and students of the IIUI had assumed great importance.

Certain misled elements had wrecked havoc with their
actions by misinterpreting teachings of Islam and their
terrorist activities also brought lawlessness in the Muslim
societies, he added.

President Mamnoon urged the teachers and researchers to
fully concentrate on finding solutions to the problems being
faced by the Muslim Ummah.

He opined that time had come to formulate a collective
counter-terrorism narrative and a joint stance to tackle such
issues and in this connection, teachers, researchers and
thinkers would have to play an important role.

He urged the IIUI and its allied departments to
contemplate over the burning issues confronting the Muslim
world and offer before the world, practical solutions to all
such ills.

The staffers of the IIUI associated with research should
sought solution to such issues like as to how a poor man’s
standard of living could be raised in the era of free economy,
so that he could eke out to meet requirements of life with
ease, he added.

The President said that there was a common complaint
about functioning and objectivity of the media, which had
neglected the vital issues being faced by Muslims.

“Whether the projection of worldly glamour and gloss
could bring stability in a society or lead to its uncertainty!
Whether any guidelines had been provided by the Muslim
mediamen in this regard!” he questioned.

The President expressed the hope that the IIUI would render
its services for the revival of past glory of Islam and
promote universal peace and solidarity.

He also congratulated the students and their parents on the completion of the degree and doctoral programmes and expressed the hope that they would become a real asset for the nation and the country in future.

He also urged the IIUI authorities to encourage a
culture of research and studies and adopt a stringent
mechanism so that plagiarism in doctorate programmes should not take place.

The President said institutions, which thrived on
tendencies of plagiarism, should be closed.

He opined that the country required services of such
Ph.D scholars, who could impart real knowledge to others.

The President in his capacity as Chancellor of the IIUI
also announced conferment of bachelor, graduate,
post-graduate and doctorate degrees upon the successful students.

He also gave away gold medals and degrees among the
successful Ph.D students.

Earlier, IIUI Rector Professor Dr. Masooom Yasinzai and
IIUI President Professor Dr. Ahmed Yousif Ahmed Al Draiweesh presented an overview of the aims and objectives of the university.