President pays tribute to martyrs, Ghazis of Pakistan armed forces

President pays tribute to martyrs, Ghazis of Pakistan armed forces

ISLAMABAD, Sep 6 (APP):President Dr Arif Alvi on Wednesday paying tribute to the martyrs and Ghazis of Pakistan armed forces, said the 1965 War stood out in the history as a symbol of unwavering national resolve, preparedness, professionalism, patriotism and sacrifice.

In his message in connection with the Defence and Martyrs Day, the president said the sons of soil fearlessly fought against the enemy and wrote a shining chapter in history.

“We observe 6th of September as Defence & Martyrs Day to pay tribute to our martyrs and their families who sacrificed their lives for the motherland. On this day, 58 years ago, our Armed Forces and the entire Pakistani nation displayed extraordinary courage and indomitable spirit, and thwarted the evil designs of the enemy,” he added.

President Alvi saluted the martyrs who laid down their lives for the homeland, and also honour their families for setting examples of sacrificing their loved ones for country’s defence.

“Our Ghazis deserve respect for giving a tit-for-tat response to enemy’s attacks on Lahore, Sialkot and other sectors. Our soldiers and the nation fought with passion in 1965 and they continue to display the same courage, commitment and professional excellence in all testing times.”

He said they had displayed the same spirit during the two-decade-long war against terrorism and extremism. “Our successes in this asymmetrical war are testimony to our Armed Forces’ capacity to evolve into a unique force having the ability to match the modern-day combat requirements.”

The president reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to peace and its policy of peaceful coexistence. “We are aware of our national as well as international obligations and are playing our part towards world peace under the banner of the United Nations. Our own region is awaiting the resolution of the longstanding Jammu and Kashmir dispute, which needs international community’s immediate attention,” he added.

He highlighted that this dispute had to be resolved as per the UN Security Council Resolutions for ensuring peace, security, and development in the region.

The president also recalled the sacrifices of Kashmiri people, women and children, which they had rendered during the decades-long struggle for their right to self-determination. Pakistan will continue to extend its moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people’s just struggle for their right to choose their own destiny, he remarked.

He said this day also called for keeping always first the sovereignty of state and integrity and honour of the motherland.
“Pakistan is the centre of our hopes. On this Defence & Martyrs Day, we continue to honour and respect the sons and daughters of soil, who never hesitate in giving their own life for the defence of motherland, its development and prosperity.”

By Najam ul Hassan

Najam ul Hassan is a Sr. Reporter who reports on Prime Minister, President, Foreign Office, and special assignments.

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