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President for realizing true potential of trade, investment between Pakistan, Cambodia

President for realizing true potential of trade, investment between Pakistan, Cambodia

ISLAMABAD, Sept 20 (APP): President Dr. Arif Alvi Tuesday said that the existing immense scope for investment, trade and business cooperation between Cambodia and Pakistan, needed to be realized to its fullest potential.

He added that both the countries had garments and textile sectors as the backbone of their economies, which could be further developed by creating linkages between the stakeholders of the two countries.

The President made these remarks while talking to Chairman Board of Directors of the World Bridge Group of Companies, Cambodia, Neak Okhna Rithy Sear, who called on him here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr.

During the meeting, the President highlighted the opportunities for investment in healthcare, real estate, energy, agriculture, housing, construction, marble, granite, pre-fabricated houses and tourism sectors of Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan possessed vast landscapes, different climate zones, Buddhist archaeological sites, mountains, beaches, rivers, vast deserts and the fertile lands of Punjab and Sindh, which offered tremendous opportunities for investment in the field of tourism.

The President said that both the countries had Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and their linkages with each other in the transfer of technology, training and skills and exchanging goods and services could benefit the SME sectors of both countries.

He said that Cambodia had rich experience in prefabricated and low-cost houses, which could be constructed in a limited time period. These prefabricated houses could be considered while providing houses to the flood affected people as well as to the lower and middle classes of the country, he added.

The President said that Pakistan was encouraging its population and the youth to seek marketable skills, especially in the IT sector, and was equipping them with digital skills through online courses to enable them to earn a decent living.

He said that cooperation with Cambodia in this regard would also benefit both the countries.

Neak Okhna Rithy Sear said that they were looking for cooperation in the fields of textiles and imports of raw materials, logistics, property development, technology, food and beverages, media, hospitality, e-commerce, banking and security sectors.

He said that the delegation would conduct market surveys to assess the potential for trade, business and investment between the two countries.


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