ISLAMABAD, Nov 5 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain on Thursday
said Pakistan’s future lies in its healthy and prosperous nation and
called for tackling the issue of population growth on scientific
basis in coherence with Islamic teachings.
Addressing the National Population Policy here at the
Convention Centre, the President said being the sixth populous
country in the world, the population growth was a big challenge for
The Conference attracted the stakeholders including
representatives of provincial governments, religious leaders and
international experts who gathered here to discuss a national policy
for population.
The President said it was not possible to achieve the
sustainable development goals without having proper knowledge about
the figures and estimates of current population.
He said the population and housing census helps distribution
of resources effectively, which results into provision of facilities
related to education and health.
He expressed concern over the rapid increase of the country’s
population and suggested to follow the example of Bangladesh which
had achieve remarkable success in controlling its population.