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PPAF launches awareness program on climate change ‘Our Land, Our Future’

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ISLAMABAD, Jun 25 (APP):The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) has launched a month-long public awareness program on climate change titled “Our Land, Our Future,” focusing on climate action among youth.
Talking to APP, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PPAF Nadir Gul said that a month long awareness program would be continued across the country and the purpose is to provide support for the set-up, upgrade, and sustain necessary community infrastructure to improve access to basic public services thus contributing towards reducing multi-dimensional poverty due to Climate change.
Balochistan is vulnerable due to its flood affected and shortage of water,high inflow of migrants, huge slum areas and unplanned development.
Due to limited access to basic necessities, the people who belongs to vulnerable segments of society had impacts of climate change.
He further added that this initiative aims to develop strategies at the grassroots level to support vulnerable communities who are already living on the edge with little resilience against extreme weather events and gradual climate impacts, such as higher-than-average rainfall or increased salinity in agricultural lands.
Asian countries on the frontline of the climate crisis, such as Pakistan, already have plans and policies to adapt to challenges like climate migration and decreased agricultural income.
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