ISLAMABAD, Jan 8 (APP):As the chilly winter night forced people to shut down businesses and snuggle into their beds, Prime Minister, Imran Khan ventured out in the cold onto one of the Rawalpindi city's busiest places - Fawara Chowk to 
 visit the District Headquarters hospital and the nearby Shelter Home, set up in a car park.The late night visit materialized as the city's busiest shopping area was closed with little traffic 
on the otherwise a very congested road.
	Imran Khan's presence came as a surprise to the patients, their family members and above all the hospital 
staff who were not expecting any high profile visitor at this hour. The Prime Minister, along with Minister for 
health Amir Kiani, Special Assistant to PM on Media, Iftikhar Durrani and Senator Faisal Javed visited 
various wards of the hospital. 
	He met with the patients and inquired about the quality of treatment and also about the availability of 
medicines and other facilities. He keenly examined the state of cleanliness and asked about the attitude of 
doctors and staff. 
	 The patients apprised him of some issues and the Prime Minister directed to ensure provision of 
necessary facilities at the earliest. He said the doctors and the staff must ensure provision of quality 
treatment to everyone without any discrimination.
	Imran Khan also visited the paediatrics and family unit of the Holy Family Hospital and directed upgradation 
of the existing facilities. He asked the health minister to submit a detailed report on Holy Family Hospital 
by Tuesday evening.
	Prime Minister later visited the Shelter Home established for the homeless at Fawara Chowk Rawalpindi 
that can house over 150 people. Accompanied with the Minister of Health Aamir Kiani, the Prime Minister went 
around various sections of the Shelter Home, temporarily setup at the basement of the multi-story car park, 
adjacent to the District Hospital Rawalpindi.
	 The Prime Minister shook hands with people,  inquired about their well being and asked whether they 
were facing any problem at the "panahgah".
	 Some of the homeless said they were doing odd jobs, some working as labourers, while others had neither 
a job, nor a place to live and were happy to have got a warm bed to sleep and food.
	Imran Khan said his government was working hard to ease the life of the common man and hoped that 
they would soon be able to get jobs and earn respectable living.
	 The Prime Minister was shown the mosque, sleeping areas, the place where they are served meals and 
informed about the medical facilities available for them.
	 He eulogized the facilities being extended to the homeless and directed that more 
shelter homes be set up at different localities to house such people who have no place to live in 
the cold weather.
	The Prime Minister lastly paid a surprise visit to another shelter home at Tarlai, in Islamabad. 
	 A number of such shelter homes are being established on the directive of the Prime Minister 
to provide a living place for homeless people.