PM’s Public Affairs and Grievances Wing addresses 98pc complaints this year: Murtaza Javed Abbassi

PM's Public Affairs and Grievances Wing addresses 98pc complaints this year: Murtaza Javed Abbassi

ISLAMABAD, Jul 21 (APP): In-Charge Minister for Prime Minister’s Public Affairs and Grievances Wing, Murtaza Javed Abbassi said on Friday that over 98 percent of the complaints received by the Wing this year have been successfully resolved.

Talking to the media during the launch of a special WhatsApp number for the wing and the option to send text messages, the minister revealed that a total of 11,471 written complaints were received this year, out of which 11,280 (98.3 percent) have been resolved, with the remaining under process. The wing is also addressing complaints related to provincial matters and the provinces have been directed to appoint focal persons to ensure efficient resolution, he said.

The minister said that the introduction of the WhatsApp number and other social media platforms was aimed at providing an avenue for lodging complaints related to both federal and provincial institutions. These initiatives, he said are in line with Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif’s directives to further strengthen the Prime Minister’s Public Affairs and Complaints Wing.

To enhance the transparency of the verification process for complaints, necessary steps are being taken while open Kutcheries at the district and divisional levels will be organized to address complaints effectively, he said and added disciplinary actions will be taken against officials of institutions providing false statements about complaint resolution.

The minister emphasized that prompt resolution of complaints was a top priority and measures would be in place to verify the status of resolved complaints. Regular updates on complaints and their resolutions are provided to Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, he added.

He said the efficiency of the Complaint Cell has been thoroughly assessed and resolving complaints has been given the utmost importance. The Prime Minister has unequivocally instructed to prioritize the speedy resolution of people’s complaints and ensure their satisfaction, the minister expressed.

The minister said that he personally dedicated one day every week to listen to the people’s complaints at the Complaint Cell, which has significantly relieved the public.

Instructions have been given to institutions to ensure that people do not face the need to lodge complaints repeatedly. The service will follow the pattern of ECP and NADRA, enabling the people to send text messages to register their complaints, he added.

To raise awareness, the minister said that campaigns would be launched, especially in remote areas, to educate the people on how to register their complaints effectively.

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