PM desires to see Karachi back to 'city of lights', says Governor Sindh

ISLAMABAD, Jul 14 (APP): Minister of State for Privatization Muhammad Zubair has said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) would observe Friday as a `Condemnation Day’ in Azad Kashmir and suspend its election campaign to express solidarity with brothers in the Indian occupied valley.

“Pakistan is standing by its Kashmiri brethren in occupied
Kashmir in this hour of turmoil and condemns Indian forces
atrocities against innocent people,” he said in a private news
channel programme.

He said the party leadership has decided to suspend election
campaign in Azad Kashmir on Friday to express solidarity with innocent people in held Kashmir who are subjected to barbarianism by Indian forces.

He said,”We are with them. The Prime Minister has also
summoned a special Cabinet meeting on this issue while Foreign Office has briefed diplomats from European and Muslim countries.

Envoys of permanent members of the UN Security Council have also been briefed on this issue.”

He contested opposition Senator Saeed Ghani for criticism of
the government and said it was time for presenting some concrete suggestions instead of politicking on the issue.

“Our hearts beat with the hearts of Kashmiri people and the
government is seriously moving forward on this situation,” he said and mentioned the government efforts to make world community believe that peace in the region was linked to the resolution of Kashmir dispute.

Hurriyat leader Asia Andrabi, in the same programme, demanded of the Pakistan government to support their freedom struggle and raise their voice to international community because the Indian forces had arrested all the Hurriyat leadership and their phone connections had been disconnected.

“We are facing the worst ever torture and cruelty at the
hands of the Indian government and the occupied forces. They are killing us, torturing and injuring. They are even arresting our youth from hospitals,” she said.

She said over 30 people had been killed and 2,000 injured
among whom around 190 had lost their eye sight due to targeted pellet firing on them.

“They are treating Kashmiris as animals but our courage is
unflinching and we love Pakistan. Even Burhan Wani was buried drapped in Pakistani flag and we celebrated Eid with Pakistan not India,” she added.

What we need from Pakistan is to raise our voice at every
forum and persuade India to accept Kashmir as a disputed territory because it is an unfinished agenda of the partition of
sub-continent, she said.

Ms Andrabi said,India is an enemy for us because we always
considered ourselves as part of Pakistan.