PM urges people to vote for those who work for uplift of country

APP41-14 SUI: September 14 - Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi addressing a public gathering after inauguration of Kachhi Canal. APP

DERA BUGTI, Sep 14 (APP): Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
on Thursday urged the people of Balochistan to vote for those political
parties who had put the country and their province on the road to progress
and prosperity.
“Now you have to decide weather you want development of your country
and province or otherwise, the future of Balochistan is in your hands,adding that the PML-N is the only political party which has always thought about Pakistan and put it on the path of development.”
The Prime Minister stated this while speaking to a public gathering
after inaugurating the Rs 80 billion Kachhi Canal designed to turn
72,000 acres of barren land in Balochistan green.
The Prime Minister said the PML-N did not believe on hallow slogans
and promises but practically work for resolutions of people’s problems.
The Prime Minister said this vital project was initiated by
former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in 1998, however it fell victim to
gross cost overrun and long delays.
He said work on the project was started in 2002 but no attention
was given by a dictator during his long tenure and the PPP government during
its five year term and finally funds for it were released by the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.
He said most of the people were against this project but Keeping
in view the importance of the project it was revitalized with the active
support of the federal government and commitment of WAPDA.
The Prime Minister said Kachhi Canal project would change destiny of
the people of Dera Bugti, adding that “Pakistan owes to people of Sui as the
entire country get benefitted due to their natural gas.”
The Prime Minister assured the people of Dera Bugti that the issues
of water and natural gas would be resolved on priority bases, adding “We
will not repeat whatever wrongs were done with the people of Balochistan
in the past and work to ease your problems.”
The Prime Minister said the time was not far when Balochistan would
become the most prosperous province of Pakistan.
He said Rs 200 billion were being spent on various water projects
in the province while Rs 25 billion power projects were underway.
The Prime Minister said a huge amount of Rs 455 billion were spent on
roads and highways in Balochistan of which most of the projects had been
The Prime Minister announced that Rs 15 billion would be spent on
providing natural gas to each district headquarter of the province.
He said the federal government was establishing 29 universities in
Balochistan which would change destiny of the people of the province besides
after completion of Gwader Port Balochistan would be the most prosperous
province of the country.
Prime Minister Abbasi requested the misled Balochs to desist the path
of deviance and put their share in the country’s development.
He said the PML-N government during the last four year has spread a
network of motorways and roads besides completing numerous power and gas
projects due to which electricity and gas loadsedding had been minimized.
No attention was given to water resources in the past but the PML-N
government has started some gigantic hydro power projects that included Diamir Bhasha dam, Munda Dam, Kurram Tangi Dam, Dassu Dam, extension of Tarbela-4-5, adding that these projects would change destiny of the country, he added.
The Prime Minister on the occasion announced a number of development
schemes for Dera Bugti which include setting up of a 50-bed hospital at a cost of Rs 100 million to be funded by the OGDL, Rs 110 million for Rescue Centre, Rs 10 million scholarships for 60 students of Dera Bugti and Rs 40 million for upgradation of intermediate college to degree level.
The Prime Minister said government respected the supreme court verdict
of July 28, 2017, adding the prime minister immediately relinquished the charge as a result no chaos was created in the country.
This is the victory of democracy as chaos blocked development of the
country, the prime minister added.