ISLAMABAD, Nov 8 (APP): Prime Minister Muhamad Nawaz Sharif has urged
the nation to seek guidance from the life and teachings of Pakistan’s
national poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal and help to build a society that is
tolerant, hard working and has unquencing thirst for knowledge.
In a message on the birth anniversary of the national poet and
philosopher Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the Prime Minister said the day is
observed in his rememberance as it was he who laid the foundations,
that led to materialisation of his dream of Pakistan.
He said the day demands that we follow in the light of his great
pholosophical thought. He said Allama Muhammad Iqbal regretted the
lack of will and desire to excel amongst the Muslims and urged them
through his poetry to rise to the top through sheer hard work,
sincerity and devotion.
The Prime Minister said there was a dire need to ponder over his great
works and find a way out of all the ills afflicting the society today.
He said Allama Iqbal had a vision of a society that was tolerant,
democratic, indenpendent and believed in hard work and sought
He said Iqbal rejects the vision of those who believe in
spreading feelings of despair and hatred.
The present times,he said, fully endorse that the vision of Allama
Iqbal was perfectly true. He said “it is time that we try to
understand Iqbal’s philosophy and realise that our salvation lies in
seeking knowledge and spreading the message of love, understanding and