PM Niazi, others pay glowing tributes to Jammu martyrs :

PM Niazi, others pay glowing tributes to Jammu martyrs :
PM Niazi, others pay glowing tributes to Jammu martyrs :

MIRPUR (AJK): Nov 06 (APP):Expressing resolve to continue the freedom struggle relentlessly till the mission of the Kashmiri martyrs is completed, speakers at a rally alleged India of repeating the tragedy of 6 November 1947 across Illegally Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmiri people on both sides of the Line of Control and across the world observed Jammu Martyrs Day on Saturday.

To commemorate the martyrdom of thousands of unarmed Muslims massacred on this day in 1947, a large number of people from a broad cross-section of society in the AJK metropolis reaffirmed the resolve to continue the martyrs’ mission till the realisation of their right to self-determination.

Addressing the rally Chairman Passban Hurriyat, Uzair Ahmad Ghazali, APHC leader Mushtaq-ul-Islam, PPP Leader Shaukat Javed Mir and others while addressing a rally said that thousands of Kashmiri people were killed by the “forces of the then ruler of Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh, the Indian Army and Hindu extremists in different parts of the Jammu” region on 6 November in 1947.

“The painful memories of the around 237,000 Muslim martyred in Jammu after they were driven out of their homes in November 1947 are still fresh in our hearts”, they said.

It was pre-meditated plan to turn the overwhelming majority of the Muslim into a minority, they added.

The speakers alleged that despite the presence of authentic evidences, the cold-blooded massacre of thousands of Muslims of Jammu was neither probed nor the terrorists involved in the carnage were held accountable.

While paying homage to the martyrs of Jammu for their supreme sacrifices for Islam, freedom and Pakistan, the speakers vowed to carry forward their mission till Kashmir is liberated from tyrannical Indian rule.

Referring to the ongoing freedom struggle in IOJK, the speakers said that their struggle is destined to succeed. They assured that people of AJK would never leave their brothers and sisters in occupied Kashmir alone in the struggle for liberation of their motherland.

At the same time AJK Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi has said that Kashmiris are the most courageous people on earth who are braving the Indian war machine and offering matchless sacrifices for their freedom and liberty.

Addressing a separate function organized by Kashmir Liberation Cell in connection with Jammu Martyrs Day in the AJK’S capital town late Saturday he said that the brave Kashmiris, despite of Indian atrocities and genocide, will never accept Indian hegemony and fascism at any cost and will continue their struggle to get their right to self-determination.

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