PM keenly looking after country’s affairs

ISLAMABAD, May 28 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, who is currently staying in London, United Kingdom for a heart surgery, has been overseeing the affairs of the government.

The Prime Minister is duly assisted by his Principal
Secretary, Military Secretary and other staff members in
running affairs of the country.

The Prime Minister is being kept abreast about the
routine matters of the country and his directives
are accordingly conveyed to the quarters concerned, the
PM Office media wing said on Saturday.

“The Prime Minister is in constant contact with the
federal ministers, cabinet members and other concerned. It is important to note that there are no postponements or delays in the matters, pertaining to the routine functioning of the state,” it added.

The Prime Minister will undergo heart surgery in London,
as advised by the doctors and will travel back to Pakistan on the advice of the doctors, after the surgery.

After his surgery in the upcoming days, the Prime
Minister will be instantly discharging responsibilities as
the Chief Executive of the country.

“It is, however, natural and understandable that the
Prime Minister will be off from any activities when is
actually operated on by the doctors. God willing, soon after the surgery, the Prime Minister will be supervising state’s affairs with the same spirit and energy,” it said.

It further said that all current and previous
expenditures incurred on the Prime Minister’s treatment, investigations/medical tests, lodging, etc in UK were borne by his family from their personal resources.

In this regard, no expenses were claimed from the
national exchequer, it added.