ISLAMABAD, Feb 15 (APP):Special Assistant to the Prime Minter (SAPM) on Information and Broadcasting Dr. Firdous Ashif Awan Saturday said PM Imran Khan wanted to make Pakistan a real welfare state on the model of “Riasat-e-Madina” in which state provides shelter to the poor.

She said the ‘Panagahs’ being established reflected that very vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, where 300 to 350 people were being provided shelter in each ‘Panagah’ and average 2000 people were being provided food three times a day.

She said the opposition was making fun of these shelter homes, because they didn’t have any pain of poors in their hearts. Most of the opposition leaders were born with golden spoon in their mouth and those who used to pretend to be the well-wisher of poor people were now enjoying luxury lifestyle aboard, she added.

Today’s price hike was the result of faulty agreements of electricity or gas or the loan the previous government borrowed from the international agencies or the flight of capital from the country through money laundering, she said.

Firdous mentioned that in the leadership of PM Khan, the government would continue its journey towards building Pakistan on the principles laid down by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for “Riasat-e-Madina”.

The SAPM further said those who build palace in Jati Umrah for their leisure and royal lifestyle and constructed Sharif Medical City, themselves refused to be treated in the same hospital which was unfortunate.

She said the PML-N did not give any health programme to the citizens of Lahore, however PM Imran Khan had initiated “Sehat Insaf Card” and won the hearts of poor people.
Dr. Firdous said an institution was investigating money laundering of Shahbaz Sharif whose real face was now exposed before the whole nation.

She said the prime minster had promised to the nation to recover the looted wealth of the country and spend it on the poor people.

She revealed to the media that hard disks and servers taken into custody from the offices of Sharif Brothers unearthed shocking information about the techniques of money laundering.

“We are waiting for the return of opposition leader in Pakistan to face the corruption charges against him but if he does not come back, it means he has no defense,” said the SAPM.

She said the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had achieved another milestone as promised by it. According to new civil servant act only those would be promoted who performed well.

Those who would create hurdles in the way of providing relief to the poor people of Pakistan will be sent home, she added.

Firdous said the Sindh police was serving the influential families of the province as it was evident from the murder of Shanaz Ansari who was shot dead in broad day light despite the fact that she was the member of provincial assembly.

Earlier, she thanked Naseem-ur-Rehman appointed by PM Imran Khan as focal person for Panagah and Langer khana.

She said she was visiting the Panagah on the directions of PM Imran Khan to convey his message to the poor and those suffering from the inflation.