PM for use of modern technology in mining sector

ISLAMABAD, June 23 (APP): Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday stressed the use of modern technology for the exploration of minerals and also for effective utilization of raw materials for power generation.

The prime minister stated this in a meeting with a delegation of All Pakistan Mines and Minerals Association led by Minister for Housing and Works Maulana Abdul Wasay.

The meeting discussed various sessions of discussions carried out to harmonize the exploration and drainage system of high quality coal, iron ore and other precious minerals keeping in view international standards.

He directed to take benefit from the reserves of coal in Thar and Lakhra and also the iron cores in Mianwali and Chiniot.

The Prime Minister directed to present a report on the development of the mining sector in the country and also set up a committee comprising representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Industry and Production, Federal Board of Revenue and other relevant provincial commissions.

In addition, the Prime Minister directed to form a sub-committee headed by the Petroleum Minister Dr. Musaddiq Malik, to oversee the development in mining sector.