PM for holistic efforts to cope with climate change issues

PM for holistic efforts to cope with climate change issues
PM for holistic efforts to cope with climate change issues

ISLAMABAD, Aug 16 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday said that climate change, water security and food security were three interconnected challenges and to cope with these issues, they would have to take immediate steps to save the future generations from their impacts.

He said that the government was fully cognizant of these problems and resolution of these issues was among the government’s top priorities.

The prime minister chaired a meeting of the federal cabinet at the Prime Minister’s House. The cabinet was given a detailed briefing on the impacts of climate changes in the country.

Pakistan had been included among the top ten worst climate affected countries of the world during the last ten years which was a matter of a grave concern whereas it had added only just 1 percent of emissions when compared with the rest of the world emissions, aggravating the global warming impacts, it was told.

The climate changes had also badly affected the natural resources of Pakistan and the increase in population was one of the main reasons, it was added.

PM for holistic efforts to cope with climate change issues

It was underlined that there was dire need for immediate implementation of ‘Mitigation and Adaptation” mechanism in this regard.

It was suggested that a documentary highlighting awareness over issues confronted by Pakistan, and the steps taken to reverse climate change effects, and COP-27, might be presented at the global fora.

It was also emphasized upon the need for adoption of international level and the contemporary latest scientific measures. The cabinet agreed that duration of the public service messaging on Tv channels should be effectively ensured to overcome these issues.

Moreover, the issues of climate change and global warming should be included in the syllabus of schools and colleges besides, ensuring strict implementation of climate change policies.

The cabinet also stressed upon planning of rain harvesting on war footing and a suggestion was considered over commencement of a pilot project in Islamabad under the same project.   

It also unanimously approved constitution of a cabinet committee headed by Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman and comprising ministers of relevant ministries who would present their recommendations over the short, medium and long terms projects.

The cabinet, in its meeting, granted its approval to ministry of finance’s recommendation regarding fixation of minimum limit of Diyat amount for the year 2022-23, equal to 30,630 gram silver, which amounted to more than Rs430,000 approximately.

PM for holistic efforts to cope with climate change issues

The cabinet also unanimously rejected a summary of ministry of national health services, regulations and coordination regarding increase in MRP of 35 drugs and directed that no change of any kind in the prices of medicines should be made without the approval of the federal cabinet.

The cabinet also ratified ECC’s decisions taken in a meeting on 11-08-2022 regarding issuance of GOP guarantee in favour of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) for financing facility of US $ 142.0 million (Aviation).

It also approved the following decisions taken in the meeting of CCLC on 15-08-2022:-

1. Authorization of Government Married Accommodation to Defence Security Force (DSF) Personnel: Amendment in Army Regulations (Rules)-1998

2.  Amendment in Annex‘A’to Rule 11 of Scales of Rations and Supplies (Regulations), 2015.

3.  Amendments in National Skills University Act, 2018

4.  Appointment of Law Officers in Office of the Advocate General, ICT, Islamabad by Amending the President’s Order 1 of 2015

5.  Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC) Employees Service Regulations, 2022.

The cabinet also approved inclusion of 10 persons on the Exit Control List (ECL), removal of 22 persons from ECL and grant of OTP (one-time permission) to 3 persons, on the recommendations of the ministry of interior.  

The prime minister and the federal cabinet, on the occasion, felicitated Minister for Industries and Trade Makhdoom Murtaza Mahmud, secretary cabinet division Ahmad Nawaz Sukhera, secretary ministry of industries and trade Chaudhry Imdadullah Bosal for the conferment of civil awards and appreciated their services.

By Irfan Khan

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