PM for availing tax amnesty scheme to evade worries; rid country of economic woes

ISLAMABAD, May 30 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan Thursday urged the countrymen to avail the tax amnesty scheme introduced by the government for avoiding any scrutiny in the future, and help steer the country out of prevailing economic crisis.
“We have introduced a scheme for declaration of the assets. This is the easiest one. This is valid till June 30. This is an opportunity for you to declare your benami properties and bank accounts. You will not get such a chance after June 30,” the prime minister remarked in his televised message to the nation.
The prime minister, who is in Saudi Arabia to attend the 14th Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Makkah, said the institutions had access to and were collecting all the relevant data including the local and foreign bank accounts and assets. So, it was better to serve the country by declaring the assets.
“By this, we can brighten the future of our children, make the country self-dependent and uplift our poor people. Above all, you will have sound sleep without any fear from any institution. This is in everyone’s interest,” he said.
The prime minister said out of Pakistan’s 220 million population, only one percent is tax filer bearing the burden of the whole population.
“This is impossible. No country can serve its people until the people pay taxes,” he said. The tax evasion kept the government from building hospitals, schools and infrastructure besides compelling it to get loans, he added.
The prime minister guaranteed that the tax-money would be spent on the people and the country. “I also guarantee that I will not let it be plundered,” he concluded.