PM brings in Dr Saeed as Chairman BOG to revive PKLI

LAHORE, May 22 (APP):Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif nominated Dr Saeed Akhtar as chairman of Board of Governors of Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI) to revive the health facility and ensure costly medical treatment to needy and poor patients from all across Pakistan.

Speaking after the visit to the PKLI here on Sunday, he said he had brought again Dr Saeed Akhtar who was founder of the institute.
“Dr Saeed who again came from the United States will be chairman Board of Governors PKLI and will serve the ailing humanity while heading a formidable team of health experts at the hospital where 50 percent of the patients will be treated free of cost.”
While the remaining well to do patients would be charged and the money earned would be used for needy patients, he added.
The Prime Minister was briefed about the financial and administrative matters and restructuring of the institute.
He recalled that Dr Saeed was removed by the previous government and the hospital built at a cost of Rs 20 billion was immensely damaged in last four years and hundreds of patients were deprived of the medical treatment.
He said a nursing university would be established in a year to meet the nursing needs for Punjab.
The Prime Minister said the last four years were wasted as the previous government removed competent persons from different positions while acting with malice and closed down public institutions.
The minister said former chief justice came in the PKLI and inquired about its affairs while National Accountability Bureau searched thousands of documents of PKLI but in four years could not find out corruption of a dime in the institute.
Shehbaz said Imran Niazi was only busy in targeting his political opponents and sending them to jails but he did not have time to look after affairs of the institute.
Imran did not have time for projects of health, education and public welfare and progress and prosperity was denied to the people, he added.
Shehbaz said Imran did not fulfill promise to build 10 million houses and to give employment to five million people but millions of people were made unemployed during his rule.
The cartels ruled during Imran’s government which was busy in exporting and importing sugar and giving windfall profits to mafias, he added.
During all this time Imran was abusing his opponents and indulging in their character assassination, he remarked.
The Prime Minister said during the previous years, sugar price rose from Rs 52 to Rs 100 kg while the new government provided flour and sugar at lower prices during Ramazan.
Now flour bag was being provided at Rs 490 across Punjab with a subsidy of billions of rupees, he told.
He said Imran Niazi did not have a single public project to show for his four years during which people were crushed under inflation.
Pakistanis deserved the health and education facilities but stone hearted Imran Niazi due to his arrogance, stubbornness and hate for Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) did not care for the people, he added.
“Nation will not forgive Imran Niazi and people will hold him accountable for depriving them of the medical treatment and basic facilities.”

Later talking to mediamen, the Prime Minister said that PTI government led by Imran Niazi had devastated everything in the country, adding that previous regime provided no facilities to needy people at PKLI which led to death of hundreds of people.
“Imran Niazi is destroying our society, ethics, values and social norms by promoting the bully culture,” Shehbaz noted.
Everyone heard Imran’s adverse and indecent remarks about women in a public meeting and the nation will never pardon him, he continued.
To another question, he said that Saaf Paani project was closed down in Punjab and on the pressure of Imran Niazi, NAB implicated him and many other people in fabricated cases. Imran Niazi was bent upon harming others, he said adding when he (Shehbaz Sharif) was shifted from NAB cell to Kot Lakhpat Jail, Imran at that time was in Lahore and held late night meeting with Shahzad Akbar.
“On direction of Imran, I was subjected to mistreatment at Kot Lakhpat Jail and was forced to sleep on floor and stay with other prisoners despite the fact that I was suffering from backache.”
“How a person (Imran Niazi) who has such mind and is always planning to harm others, can serve the nation or think of people’s wellbeing.”
“If Imran Niazi wants to wage civil war in the country, it will be his wishful thinking and will never happen and the nation will take him to task,” he said.
“Pakistan will move forward through democratic process,” he concluded.