PM boosts public to gear up for work as Eid holidays end

ISLAMABAD, May 6 (APP): As the four-day Eid holidays ended Friday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif urged the general public to get into the work mode following their festive time.

“Let us get back to work now,” the prime minister tweeted as the nation celebrated the Eid on the public holidays announced for May 2-5 (Monday-Thursday).

The prime minister hoped that the people had spent happy times with their loved ones during the Eid holidays besides taking rest.

“Hope you all had a wonderful time with your families during the Eid holidays and rested well,” he said.

PM Shehbaz Sharif, also known as ‘Pakistan Speed’ is recognized for his dedication to work and also for encouraging people to follow the suit.

The prime minister, who spent Eid holidays in Lahore, traveled to Islamabad early Friday to resume work at his office.

On his way back to work in Islamabad, PM Shehbaz in another tweet mentioned that he was moved by the photographs of Faizan Ahmed by the Lahore Metro site, which inspiringly depicted the stories of citizens.

“Went through this fascinating work of Faizan on my way to Islamabad. He has beautifully captured the stories of the citizens using Lahore Metro for their daily commute,” he wrote.

He shared a photograph of an old couple traveling in Lahore Metro captioned as – “Every two minutes she used to ask her husband – Thak ta nai gy ho? Datta sahib anay wala hai (Are you tired? Don’t worry, we are very close to the shrine of Data Sahib)”.

“It really touched my heart!,” the prime minister said, mentioning the photograph that gave a glimpse of the common people with their hearts exuding simplicity, devotion, and love for the Saint of the city of Lahore.