Pervaiz urges nation to donate to organizations working for humanity's welfare

ISLAMABAD, Sept 5 (APP): Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid on Monday urged the nation to give donations to the organizations working for the welfare  of humanity.

Addressing a seminar on the occasion of International Day of
Donations here at Al-Shifa Eye Trust, he asked the people to refrain  from donating money to the elements fanning hatred and promoting terrorism and extremism.

“Donors and philanthropists must not donate to the organizations that are persuading individuals, particularly youth, to indulge in extremism and terrorism, by inculcating the ideology of hatred and chaos.”

The minister said while giving donations, the donors
should ensure that the money should be spent on the welfare of  the poor and deserving segments of the society, and it should not  be misused by the extremist elements to divide the nation on sectarian, lingual or ethnic lines.

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He said the money donated should be used for teaching the
students the message of love for humanity, tolerance and peaceful coexistence as that would make not only Pakistan but also the  region and entire world more peaceful.

He appreciated Al-Shifa Eye Trust for curing eye diseases
in the country and providing its facilities to the poor free of
charge. He appealed to the philanthropists to provide more resources  to the institutions, which were serving humanity and fighting against  social evils.

He called for donation of human organs like eyes after death
so that others could benefit. There was need of more coordination  among the donors and the organizations working for organ donations  in Pakistan, he added.

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Al-Shifa Eye Trust President and Chief Consultant  Professor Wajid Ali and CEO Pakistan Peace Collective Bushra Taskeen also spoke on the occasion.

The minister presented a cheque of financial assistance from
the Ministry of IB&NH-supervised Pakistan Peace Collective to the Al-Shifa Eye Trust President.