Pervaiz asks AJK people to give 'Mukhtar Nama' to Nawaz for effectively pleading Kashmir cause

CHARHOI (KOTLI), July 14 (APP): Minister for Information,  Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid Thursday urged the AJK people to give ‘Mukhtar Nama’ to Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on July 21, the polling day, for effectively pleading the Kashmir cause.

Addressing PML-N workers here, he said Kashmiris needed a
brave leader like Nawaz Sharif to plead their case. The Prime
Minister had already retaliated against India in 1998
by detonating six nuclear explosions in response to their
five explosions.

Nawaz Sharif’s hands must be strengthened as weakening
him would tantamount to weaken the case of Kashmiris, he added.

He said Azad Kashmir would be turned into a developed valley so that its inhabitants could have abundant employment opportunities in their native areas.

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He urged Kashmiris to vote for PML-N on July 21 for empowering Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

He said workers of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)
were the party’s asset. A PML-N worker would become the Prime Minister of AJK after July 21 polls and then the development process would begin there, he added.

Two airports, he said, would be built in the valley to
enable the overseas Kashmiris to land near their native cities
instead of Islamabad or Lahore.

The minister said AJK would be provided five air ambulances
for flying patients from far flung mountainous areas to hospitals.

The valley would be linked with railway, besides constructing hospitals  at tehsil level.

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He said the people would be provided basic amenities of life
including health, education and infrastructure at their doorsteps.

Tourists would be attracted from across the globe to the
picturious valley, he added.

He said the culture of “bullet and abuse” would be abolished from Azad Kashmir altogether.

He lauded a candidate Naeem Mansab Dad for withdrawing his candidature in the local constituency in favour of PML-N candidate Raja Iqbal saying Mansab had followed his father’s footsteps.