People of Kashmir to defeat corrupt, looters in July 21 polls: Asif Kirmani

MIRPUR, July 4 (APP): Special Assistant to Prime Minister for
Political Affairs Dr Asif Kirmani said people of Azad Kashmir on
July 21 would defeat those who were corrupt, looters and denied
people their rights.

Speaking to workers of Pakistan Muslim League(N) AJK in Chakswari, he said in the five years of Peoples Party, promises were broken and injustice was done to the people of Azad Kashmir, he added.

If the money given by the federation to Azad Kashmir for people, had been spent on their welfare and progress, the area would have become a role model for the world, he added.

He said there was a long list of ethical crimes of people ruling Kashmir and every nook and cranny of Kashmir was telling stories of corruption of Abdul Majeed government.

He said the government of Chaudhry Abdul Majeed in Azad Kashmir not only dented trust of people but also damaged the Kashmir freedom movement.

Kirmani said instead of asking for vote of the people, Chaudhry Abdul Majeed should seek forgiveness of people and leave politics, otherwise the lions of Nawaz Sharif would bury them forever in the politics of Azad Kashmir.

He said they would continue to interfere in the affairs of Kashmir, if interference meant ending suffering of people.

Bat and arrow had become part of the past and July 21 would be
a day of rebellion against all such forces which created only
problems for the people, he told.

He said after seeing passion of the party workers, his heart
was saying that it was end of those who were corrupt and denied
rights to the people.

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Dr Kirmani said people give vote on basis of trust and it was
painful to see that nobody was there to look after the people of
Azad Kashmir.

This was the reason that they were coming to Azad Kashmir for
the last six months to know about problems of people, he added.

He said in the last five years and during different tenures in
Azad Kashmir, the persons in power broke trust of the people.

He said it was obligation of people that robbers should be
rejected on July 21.

He said the Muslims of sub-continent got a leader in the shape
of Quaid-e-Azam in 1947 and then they took a timely and correct

Now the people of Azad Kashmir would get an opportunity on July 21 and this decision would affect the coming generations.

Dr Asif Kirmani said as children of Chaudhry Abdul Majeed had right to get good education and medical facility, in the same way it was right of every child in Kashmir.

If the people were satisfied, there would have been no need for them to go to Kashmir, he added.

He said affectees of Mangla Dam gave sacrifices and those persons who did not pay attention to the sacrifices and problems of those affected people, should feel ashamed.

People should get their rightful share and this was the message with which they came to Kashmir, he added.

Kirmani went on to say that a person was obsessed with becoming Prime Minister and he spent six months on a container and now he feared more antics from him.

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He said PTI got government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but everybody
could see they mistreated the people of the province.

When the government of PML(N) came to power in 2013, people
were facing loadshedding of 18 hours a day, now there was a
remarkable decrease in it, he noted.

He said he had seen Nawaz Sharif working day and night and now
Allah had again given him health after a successful surgery and he
was eager to come back to Pakistan and serve the people.

Nawaz Sharif had vision and dream of a prosperous Pakistan and
Kashmir, adding resolving different problems of people of Kashmir
was manifesto of their party.

He said Nawaz Sharif never forgot brothers and sisters of Kashmir whether he was in power or not.

He urged people to put a stamp on the symbol of lion on July
21 and ensure progress of Azad Kashmir.

Kirmani said government officials were employees of the state
and not the personal servants of Chaudhry Abdul Majeed and their
loyalty should be with the people and state.

Workers of PML(N) should be vigilant and keep an eye on the
activities of those officials who had become tools to commit
electoral fraud.

He said Nazir Inqilabi Advocate was chosen by Nawaz Sharif for
service of the people, who had a responsibility to elect him to the
Legislative Assembly.

Those who would follow the party discipline, would be included in the matters of formation of government, he concluded.