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LAHORE, Dec 03 (APP):Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar on Thursday said the journey of public service was continued with hard work and commitment under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In a statement, the CM said the PDM was an enemy to national development and this cabal was conspiring to weaken the economy.

The CM asserted that nefarious designs of the opposition, aiming at disrupting the development process, would not succeed.

The PDM should remember that Imran Khan would remain prime minister of the country till 2023, he said and added the people would again choose the PTI in the 2023’s elections and the conspirators would remain disappointed.

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The CM said that holding public meetings during coronavirus was a political mistake as it was putting the lives of the people in danger.

Those who spoke for the people should review their negative behaviour because no sensible person could think of the public meetings in the prevailing circumstances, he added.

The opposition was showing an attitude of duplexity, he said. It demanded strict lockdown in the first wave of coronavirus but now was holding public meetings when the second wave was becoming threatful, he added.

Those who were putting the lives of the people in danger could not be sincere to the people and this selfish cabal had no regard for the masses.

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The government would take every step to protect the lives of the people because human lives’ protection was very important, he added.