PDM Circus Quetta jalsa unveils their true goals; just to save looted wealth: Ali Zaidi
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ISLAMABAD, Oct 26 (APP): Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi on Monday said that Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) circus Quetta jalsa has unveiled their true goals; just to save their looted wealth.

In a statement on social media networking site, the minister said that “they are trying to blackmail and damage Pakistan by following Modi-Doval agenda, attack our armed forces and support separatist voices demanding independence”.

“Shockingly, none of the major PDM circus leaders uttered a word of condemnation against the oppression of Kashmiris by Modi and the Indian Army”, adding that “I guess they don’t want to upset their puppet masters”.

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He said that “it’s been a week since Safdar and other PMLN leaders desecrated the sanctity of Mazar e Quaid’s”.

“Till now no apology or remorse shown by PMLN or the bandit queen Maryam Nawaz” he said, adding that “they think that they have a higher status than the Father of the Nation! It’s just Shameless”.

He said that on the other hand, Nawaz keeps urging soldiers of and civil service to refuse orders from their superiors.

“This is outright sedition and revolt” he said, adding that “clearly, PDM circus wants anarchy and chaos to spite Prime Minister Imran Khan who will never allow them to get away through National Reconciliation Order (NRO)”.

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“It is now clear that the other beneficiary of this circus is Modi, already on his knees due to (-)10 per cent GDP growth and COVID mishandling” Ali Zaidi said.

He said that “Modi also failed to respond on border dispute”, adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan clear position and Pak-China principled stand has prevailed yet again.