ISLAMABAD, July 15 (APP): The Legal Education Committee of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) in its meeting held here on Friday strongly condemned terrorists attack in Madina Munawarah the holiest and sacred place of Muslims.

The Legal Education Committee of the PBC met under the Chairmanship of Muhammad Shoaib Shaheen and termed the Madina Munawrah attack against Muslim Ummah as a whole and called for the Unity of Muslim Ummah against nefarious designs of international forces against Islam and Muslims for which the OIC is called upon to play its active role.

All the Muslim countries are urged upon to initiate campaign against ulterior motives and biased approach of all such forces against Muslims.

The Legal Education Committee also strongly condemned the new wave of atrocities being committed by Indian law enforcement agencies against Muslims of Indian Occupied Kashmir who are struggling for the right of their self determination and calls upon the United Nations and Members states of its Security Council to ensure implementation of United Nation Resolutions which ensured right of self determination to the Muslims of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The Committee also urged upon the Indian Government to forthwith stop committing genocide of Muslims of Indian Occupied Kashmir and instead take steps for giving them their legitimate right of self determination.

The Legal Education Committee has expressed its concern over the growing uncertain Political situation in the Country and the impression being built as to any extra Constitutional action in the wake of prevailing uncertain Political and grave law and order situation in the Country.

The Committee while urging upon the Federal and Provincial Governments to improve the good governance and to improve law and order situation in the Country by taking concrete immediate steps also made it clear that the Lawyers fraternity will not tolerate any extra constitutional step and action aiming it to derail the democratic and Constitutional setup and in such an eventuality the Lawyers will not hesitate to launch a Countrywide movement to resist any un-Constitutional action.

The Legal Education Committee while reiterating earlier stand of the Pakistan Bar Council called upon the Chief Justice of Pakistan for activation of the Supreme Judicial Council ensuring hearing of all pending References against Judges of Superior Judiciary at the earliest possible as the delay in hearing/disposal of such References, which are pending since long, will shake confidence of the people on Judiciary.

It is, therefore, imperative that all the References pending before the Supreme Judicial Council are taken up and decided without further delay in the interest of justice as well as the prestige of the Institution of Judiciary.

The Legal Education Committee has expressed its deepest sense of sorrow and grief on the sad demise of Abdul Sattar Edhi the greatest humanitarian of Pakistan who has set an un-precedented example of serving the humanity irrespective of cast, creed and religion.

The Committee prayed Almighty Allah for resting the departed soul in eternal peace and grant fortitude to members of the bereaved family and the nation to bear the irreparable loss caused by his passing away.