LAHORE, June 13 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad
Shehbaz Sharif has said the provincial government has given
a historic budget for the next fiscal year 2016-17.

He said the new budget is people and farmers-friendly
while the development budget will usher in a new era of
progress and prosperity in the province.

He said, the volume of annual development programme in
the new financial year is Rs 550 billion which is 37.5 percent
higher than the last year. He said, Punjab government has
allocated billions of rupees for the uplift and betterment of
people of the province.

The chief minister said, record funds have been earmarked
in the budget for education, health, agriculture, water supply
and social sector.

He said, a positive change would be brought in the lives
of people by completing all projects under annual development
programme, adding that the new budget will help in poverty
alleviation and minimizing the gulf between the rich and the

The chief minister said, huge funds have been allocated
in the budget for the development of agriculture and
prosperity of cultivators. He said, reduction in the prices of
fertilizers and power tariff for agri tube-wells will benefit
small cultivators.

He said, progress of South Punjab and prosperity of its
people has always been the priority of the government and
billions of rupees have been earmarked in the budget for removing
sense of deprivation of people of this region. He said, a higher
share has been reserved for south Punjab in welfare programmes
as well.

Shehbaz said, setting up of economic zones would generate
thousands of job opportunities, adding that the historic programme
of repair and rehabilitation of rural roads would result in progress
of rural economy.

He said, metro bus system has changed transport culture and
people of south Punjab would also benefit from this project in Multan.
He said, unprecedented programmes and projects would be carried out
during next financial year for the progress and prosperity of people
of the province.