PAL to hold Int'l conference on Children's Literature: Past, Present and Future
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ISLAMABAD, Dec 21 (APP): Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) has planned to organize Two-day International Conference titled “Children’s Literature: Past, Present and Future”.

The national and international writers, scholars and researchers are invited to present their research papers and date of holding conference would be scheduled after submission of research papers.

Research papers on given topics and other relevant topics from Children’s Literature written in any regional national and international language can be sent however, the articles will be accepted only in Urdu and English languages.

According to an official, “editorial Committee of the conference after extensive scrutiny will decide the acceptance of your research article and you will be communicated the same for writing of a complete research paper”.

He said that following topics can be selected including Significance and effectiveness of Children’s Literature, Children’s Literature in Pakistani Languages, Children’s Literature in International Languages and Children’s Literature from oral folk traditions to Juvenile Novel and Short Story.

While Others topics are Role of Children’s Literature in the training of Children, an analysis of Children’s Literature in Urdu,Children’s Literature and Poetic trends, publication/Beautification of extracurricular books of children and literature for children o Significance of Children’s Literature in Global village.

Moreover, another topics are Children’s in the eyes of Quaid e Azam, Iqbal and The role of children in classic and modern Literature, role of children in classical and modern poetry, children’s Literature in Digital Era,Children’s Psychology and role of Literature and suggestions for the problems of writers/children literature and their solutions.

The title and abstract of proposed Article in soft and hard copy should be reached by December 25, 2020 on and Pakistan Academy of Letters, Pitras Bukhari Road Sector H-8/1. Islamabad, he added.