ISLAMABAD, Dec 8 (APP): Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) organized a special session with renowned poet and scholar Dr Fatima Hasan in a series ‘Meet Writer on Cup of Tea’ at
Writers Cafe.
Many other prominent writers, poets and intellectuals including Dr. Ihsan Akbar, Haleem Qureshi, Jaleel Aali, Muhammad Hameed Shahid, Shahzad Nayyer, Farah Deba, Qaisra Alvi,
Hasan Abbas Raza and others participated in the event.

The Writers Cafe aims to bring together the literary persons around a table over their favourite beverages and open a dialogue about their love of writing. Dr. Fatima Hasan said that Pakistani women always highlighted social problems through their writing skills. She
rejected the perception that eastern women writing is influenced
by western culture.

She said that the women always contributed their literary work in accordance with the eastern norms and values. Later, the participants offered Fateha for the departed soul
of Jameel Ud Din Aali and paid tribute to his literary contributions.

Earlier, Chairman PAL Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qasim Bughio welcomed the participants in the function. He said the Writers’ Cafe is serving as the centre for public- intellectual discourse where writers, poets and journalists meet and discuss contemporary literary issues over a cup of coffee.