Pakistan’s cultural troupe pick of New Year Parade

ISLAMABAD, Jan 1 (APP): A troupe of Pakistani artists and singers presented the rich diversity and colourful culture of the country in 3.2 kilometer long New Year’s Day Parade in London on sunday.
The Pakistan High Commission in London participated in the parade for the first time.
The 50 member troupe from Pakistan was part of the parade, besides dozens of troupes from other countries which formed part of the festive event that has been held for the last 31 years.
The Pakistani artists clad in gaudy apparel marched through the venue and presented traditional music with skillful strokes of drums.
Kailash dance was the highlight of the parade associated with the mysterious lost tribe of Alexander army, inhibiting Pakistan’s northern mountains for centuries. Traditional rendition of Qawwali and horse dance were the other features of performance.
A large number of people gleefully witnessed the parade and warmly cheered the Pakistani troupe.
Pakistan High Commissioner Syed Ibne Abbas and other officials of the HC attended the parade.
The High Commission has endeavoured to showcase the beauty and diversity of the culture and people of Pakistan at the parade which was watched by almost 500,000 viewers and about 300 television channels across the globe telecast the event live.
Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, along
with his spouse, was taken to the VIP enclosure in a special carriage at the start of the Parade.
Speaking to media on this occasion, he termed High Commission’s participation in LNYDP a huge step towards introducing
Pakistan’s true and positive face to the world.
“Today’s showcasing of the cultural diversity and beauty of Pakistan, would help change perception of our country created by the international media and promote tourism in Pakistan”, a message received here Sunday quoted him as saying.
He said, the world has seen the beautiful face of Pakistan today.
The Pakistan High Commission London has planned a series of cultural events to celebrate the 70th Independence Anniversary of Pakistan and participation in the Parade has kick started the celebrations that would continue throughout the year 2017.
Successful participation in the Parade set the tone for the next year’s events.
The London New Year’s Day Parade is world’s greatest street spectacular which makes it a unique occasion for the people around the world.
Various countries, London Boroughs, social and cultural organisations, academic institutions, charities and other groups participated in this event.
Londoners waited for this occasion the whole year as it marked the festive start of the new year.