Pakistan voices its concern over plight of Kashmiris in IoK

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ISLAMABAD, Sept. 18 (APP): Pakistan has raised concern over the
inhuman, barbarian and heartless actions of the Indian occupying forces
in the held valley against innocent Kashmiris.
According to a message received here, Ambassador Farukh Amil,
Permanent Representative of Pakistan in United Nations during the general debate under agenda item 3 of the 36th Session of Human Rights Council
said without the promotion and protection of all human rights including civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights was not possible without addressing the most fundamental human need and desire – freedom
to choose one’s own destiny and live a life with human dignity at par
with others.
These aspirations, he said cannot be fulfilled without granting the
right to self-determination to the people. It is a bedrock principle of
the international order enshrined in the foundational documents of the international community- ranging from the UN Charter, to the two International Covenants, and VDPA, he added.
Referring to the Indian occupation forces, he said those who usurp
this right follow the same path as of tyrants before them of curbing fundamental freedoms and inflicting human rights abuses. The story of the oppressed people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir is the reflection
of this tragic reality, he maintained.
With raw brutality nearly 100,000 Kashmiris have been murdered by
Indian security forces. 8,000 mass graves litter Jammu and Kashmir. Since July 2016, 200 people killed, 250 mostly women and children blinded by
use of pellet guns and over 10,000 detained and tortured, he pointed out.
The Kashmiri children have stones, he said whereas the tyrant India
has weapons. It only knows brutality. It has neither decency nor remorse. Human Rights is just a public relations exercise for India, he asserted.
“We call on India to repent its sins. At a bare minimum it should
allow the blinded victims, the Dead Eyes of Kashmir to travel abroad for medical treatment – anywhere to any of the nations present here, without conditions. Its heartless denial for access to medical treatment speaks volumes of India’s mindset,” he said.