Pakistan Sweet Home offers free education, career opportunities to over 6,000 Students

Pakistan Sweet Home
ISLAMABAD, Oct 18 (APP): More than 6,000 students at Pakistan Sweet Home will be imparted free education up to graduation with the opportunity to take the CSS exam and access excellent job prospects in federal, provincial, and autonomous institutions, Pakistan Baitul-Mal Managing Director Malik Amir Fida Paracha said on Wednesday.
In an interview with APP,  he pointed out that the initiative marked the first instance of providing job opportunities in the history of Pakistan Baitul Mal (PBM).
Pakistan Baitul Mal’s management observed that after completing their matriculation, children were returning home and entering the workforce instead of continuing their education.
This presented a disheartening situation where ten years of Pakistan Baitul Mal’s efforts seemed to be in vain, and the prospects for the children’s futures appeared grim.
Considering these challenges, PBM had resolved that children enrolled in the Pakistan Sweet Home program would have the opportunity to graduate from leading educational institutions and the country’s top universities, with all expenses supported by it, he added.
He stated that following their graduation, our children could seek employment through various Public Service Commissions, including those at the federal and provincial levels such as Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
They will have access to high-quality job prospects in both federal and provincial institutions, with the added opportunity to participate in the competitive CSS examination. The primary objective of this initiative is to secure a better future for orphaned and underprivileged children and integrate them into the national mainstream.
He said a total of 51 Sweet Homes were situated throughout the country, with 11 in Islamabad and Azad Kashmir Region, 9 in Lahore, 5 in Multan, 3 in Gilgit-Baltistan, 11 in Sindh, 8 in KPK, and four in Balochistan.
In these facilities, orphaned and homeless children are provided with a wide range of complimentary services, including standard accommodation, meals, education, uniforms, books, medical care, skill development programs, laundry services, religious education, and counseling.
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