Pakistan reaffirms ‘One-China’ policy over Taiwan Strait issue

Pakistan reaffirms ‘One-China’ policy over Taiwan Strait issue

ISLAMABAD, Aug 03 (APP): Pakistan on Wednesday reaffirmed its strong commitment to ‘One-China’ policy and expressed firm support to China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Pakistan is deeply concerned over the evolving situation in the Taiwan Strait, which has serious implications for regional peace and stabili,” the Foreign Office said in a statement. 

The FO said the world was already reeling through a critical security situation due to the Ukraine conflict, with destabilising implications for international food and energy security. 

“The world cannot afford another crisis that has negative consequences for global peace, security and economy,” it said.

The FO said: “Pakistan strongly believes that inter-state relations should be based on mutual respect, non-interference in internal affairs, and peaceful resolution of issues by upholding of principles of UN charter, international law and bilateral agreements.”


By Shumaila Andleeb

Shumaila Andleeb; Senior Reporter at Associated Press of Pakistan; covering the beats of President, Prime Minister, Foreign Office, and Special Assignments.

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