Pakistan participates in Algeria Economic Fair after 18 year

Pakistan participates in Algeria Economic Fair after 18 year

ISLAMABAD, Jun 26 (APP):After a lapse of 18 years, Pakistan has participated in the 54th session of the Algeria International Economic Fair.

A total of 638 companies, including 165 companies from 30 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Arab region, and 473 Algerian – 157 public and 316 private institutions, took part in fair, said an news release issued by Algerian Embassy in Pakistan on Monday.

The Pakistani delegation comprising over 20 businessmen representing 11 companies working in textile, sportswear, pharmaceutical industry and food industry, under the supervision of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) represented the country.

“For the first time, the launch of a digital Algerian salon presents the five strategic sectors that Algeria relies on, to achieve an economic leap outside the hydrocarbon sector, which is represented in all kinds of industrial sectors, agriculture, renewable energies, media technologies, knowledge economy and the tourism sector,” the news release said.

This salon was distinguished by the organization of the first economic forum which was held on “Investment in Algeria”. It was supervised by the Algerian Agency for Investment Promotion to identify promising investment opportunities and the advantages offered by the new investment law as well as the export opportunities within the framework of the region African Continental Free Trade.

The Pakistani participation was successful and fruitful, a positive opportunity to support the relations of exchange and economic and trade cooperation between the two countries in a distinct context of this year’s celebration. 2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two brotherly countries Algeria and Pakistan.

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