KARACHI, Apr 19 (APP):A special event to mark the 60 years of archaeological cooperation between
Pakistan and France was held at the Embassy in Paris organized by the
Association of Friends of Pakistan.
Ambassador of Pakistan to France Moin ul Haque represented
Pakistan in the event while Head of the French Archaeological Mission
in the Indus Basin (MAFBI) Dr. Aurore Didier was the key note speaker,
said a statement issued on Friday.
The event was attended by the officials of the French Foreign
Ministry, members of French archaeological mission, scholars,
researchers and media persons.
Tracing the history of the French archaeological mission in the
Indus Basin founded in 1958, Dr. Aurore Didier said that the mission
had excavated major archaeological sites in Pakistan such as Amri in
Sindh, Mehrgarh Nindowari, Nausharo, Miri Qalat and Shahi Tomb in
She said the mission especially took pride in its discovery of
Mehrgarh in Balochistan which was the most ancient civilization
in the entire South Asian region.
Dr. Didier said that the extensive research and deep studies
carried out during the last 60 years by the French and Pakistani
archaeologists have produced invaluable data, highlighting the
existence of thousand of years old civilization in the region
which is now Pakistan.
Moin ul Haque speaking on the occasion conveyed his
congratulations on reaching this important milestone in the long
history of strong and continuous cooperation between France and
Pakistan in the field of archaeology.
Noting that the important discoveries made by the French team in
Balochistan and Sindh, had greatly contributed to understanding of
ancient cultures and civilizations in Pakistan. He specifically
thanked Prof. Jean-Francois Jarrige and Roland Besenval, the two
French archaeologists, who were the pioneers in setting up the French
Archaeology Mission and discovering Mehrgarh.
The Ambassador conveyed his special thanks to President of the
Association of Friends of Pakistan Mrs. Fredrika Sundberg and
other members of the Association for organizing this event.
He also appreciated the support of MAFBI and the French
government for training of the Pakistani students and researchers and
imparting them the latest excavation techniques, skills and knowledge
in the field of archaeology.
Later, Ambassador gave special shields to the widow of
Prof. Jarrige, son of Besenval and Dr. Didier to mark the 60 years
of French Archeology Mission in Pakistan.